Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well, we are sure that Corey is Devin's son (not that we had any doubts, he looks just like Devin). Last Saturday Corey was playing on a buggy. In our living room there is step down, basically a sunken floor. Anyway, Corey decided to play the part of daredevil. He rode the buggy over the edge of the step just a little bit, enough that he couldn't go back and gravity took over. The look on his face started out scared, but when he realized that he wasn't going to break his neck he started to get into it. He went right over the edge before anyone could stop him. He just started laughing and tried to do it again. I just looked at Devin and said "He's definitely your son!" Devin used to be quite a daredevil himself with his quad when we were in high school.
Then this morning I took Corey with me to Basha's to get a few groceries. I had him sitting in the seat of the cart. I looked down at a shelf to read a tag and had only looked away for about 5 seconds. When I looked back at Corey, he had grabbed a granola bar from a display and opened it and started to eat it. He is quite a tricky little guy, and fast! So in addition to my other purchases, I added a granola bar.
I was looking through my picture the other day an d found some of a car show here in Payson last summer, so I thought I'd throw a few of that in and some other random pictures too.