Thursday, July 26, 2012


Well, the time has come...I get to have both knees essentially rebuilt. I have switched to a new doctor who is known to be very good and very conservative. Apparently my knees are bad enough that he feels surgery is the best choice. We will start with my righ knee on August 3rd. He will loosen the ligamets so my knee cap can move more freely. He will also remove the ligamet that connectd the knee cap to the shin bone and clean underneath of the knee cap. Then he will reattach the ligamet to a different spot on the shin bone so that my knee cap can move in a more straight line. I will be in a hard cast from hip to toe for about a week, then a soft cast for however long that takes. Two weeks after the right knee is done he will will do the same on my left knee. Woohoo! Actually I am very nervous becuase I know it is going to hurt a LOT  becasue of the work with the bones and ligamets, but hopefully the end result will be great. I will have to be gone from work for a minimum of two months and then part time for a while after that. My mom will be coming for ten days, then Devin's grandma will be here for ten days, then Devin's dad will come for two weeks and Devin's mom will be here for one of the two weeks as well. I am so grateful and blessed to have such good friends and family who are so willing to help me when I am so unable to return the favor. Thank you to you all and much love.

So here's hoping for a better year next year! :)