Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who knew?

So apparently jogging three miles after five years of laziness is a horrible idea. Let's just say that I am just a lil bit sore... okay lets be honest I FREAKING HURT! But, I am excited to get going and hopefully become unchubby. Happy day to you all!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Fourth!

Well, it is time for one of my favorite holidays, Independence Day! It is right up there with Christmas! I hope you all have a great weekend and remember why we have the wonderful freedoms tht we do.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flight Risk

On Teusday Morning Corey somehow got out of the house and walked to the neighbor's house. I woke up in the morning at about 6:30. I walked up the stairs to get in the shower and found the garage doors wide open. I knew it couldn't have been Devin becasue he was still in bed. I ran to check on Corey and realized that he wasn't in his bed. Of course I freaked out and started frantically searhing for him. I was looking outside and then went back in the house with the thought that he could have been curled up in a nook somewhere and fell asleep. Then I heard a knock on the door. One of our neighbors was standing there holding Corey's hand. He asked me "Is this your kid?" I was nearly ecstatic and said yes. Of course the neighbor wanted to make sure that Corey was indeed at the right house, so he asked him "Is this your mom?" and Corey's response was "Yep." The neighbor left Corey with me and walked back to his house. A few minutes later He was knocking on the door again. He informed me that Corey had gotten to his house areound 1:00am, opened the front door and walked in and then ofund an empty bed and slept the rest of the night there. The neighbor's son got home from a date at about 1:00 and was in the bathroom brushing his teeth. Corey walked in and said hi. The guy just assumed that his parents were watching Corey for someone although he had never seen Corey before. He took Corey and laid him down and he went to bed. The neighbor was getting ready for work the next morning and Corey wlaked up the stairs and said hi. He had no idea who Corey was and where he had come from. He walked Corey back outside and asked him if he knew where his house is. Thankfully Corey knows what our house looks like. I was ready to have a heart attack!!! He unlocked the deadbolt, reached up and opened the garage door, and walked a block away. Not only that, but he walked into a complete stranger's house and slept in someone's bed! AHHHH!All I can say is that he is deffinately his father's son!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's been a while.

Well, it has been a while since I have posted, so here is some catch-up info.
I went to Arizona...but I didn't fly. There was some last minute changes in the plan. Devin, Corey and I hopped in the truck and drove. It was a very long drive going there and even longer going home. We had so much fun! It was great to see everyone. Rick and Sharon were kind enough to let us stay at their house. They are great! My grandparents (Grandma Glenna and Walter and my Good grandparents) all came from Mesa to suprise us. It was so wonderful to see them. Poor Grandma Glenna took a spill in my parent's garage, so she spent some time in the hospital, but she is doing good now. And Walter is so sweet and he is great with Grandma and fits right into the family. We got to play a card game with them and I discovered he can't lie! We played BS, which is all about lying and getting away with it. Grandpa couldn't lie without feeling guilty and taking his cards back, hilarious! I had the pleasure of helping Megan and Grandma Good do their nails, and Kate begged to have hers done too, so we painted them instead of the french tips. Kate and Corey have a love-hate relationship. They were so fun to watch together. Dad had Lasik done on his eyes, so he can see better now. I just felt bad for him because I know he was hurting but he never says anything. What an amazing example of patience! Devin and Rick went to Luna and picked up the Jeep that Grandma Reynolds gave to Devin. It is a really cool CJ2A that belonged to Devin's great grandfather and then to his grandfather Lamar Reynolds. It has turned out to be a wonderful heirloom!
After we got home our families were evacuated due to the Wallow Fire being close to Round Valley. The fire also went through Luna, so it was a good thing that we picked up the Jeep when we did, otherwise it probably would have been lost in the fire. Thankfully neither my parents nor Rick and Sharon lost anything in the fire. There is a lot of smoke damage, so they will probably need to have their houses cleaned so that they don't smell like smokers. I am so glad that everyone was able to get out okay and that none of their property was damaged. It was pretty scary for a few days.
Devin is almost done with his first internship and has one more after this. That should last another eight weeks and then he is done with school. In December he can take his certification exam through the state. Yay for almost being done with school! I am so proud of him, he has gone so far! Now, if I could just finish mine...but that is a seperate issue.
Anyway, that is all I have for now. I hope you all have a happy day!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

So excited!

I am so excited...I am flying to Phoenix to visit my family! In just 14 long days! I can hardly wait, nad the more I wait the more excited I get to see everyone! Jacqueline will pick me up at the Phx airport and then we will drive to Eagar. Megan and Chance are meeting us there and I am really hoping that Heath and Kayla can make it too. Elayna just turned a year old and I still haven't met her. I tell you what, I have the most amazing husband! He completely suprised me with the ticket and coordinated everything with my family. Plus, my mom knew for a whole month before I ever even called her to tell her I was coming, and she never said anything to me about mom, I am impressed! I am so excited!!!

Also on a good note, my arm is feeling a lot better. The doctor said it was a hairline fracture and that it would heal itself. He said he could cast it if I wanted him to, but of course I said... No way! Now we are just worried about some nerve damage becasue of the pain that I still have and the place on my arm that was injured. I still have some tingling and numbness, that is a little concerning. But overall it is feeling so much better. Thanks to all of your thoughts and prayers and well wishes, they all made a huge difference! And I don't plan on changing any more tires. :)

Okay, I am done ranting and raving. I am excited to see everyone that I can when I visit, so I hope to see all of you soon!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just kidding!

Well, I had my follow up today, and my arm isn't borken! I am so relieved and excited. He said that it is still going to be really sore (duh!) but I don't have to wear a cast or anything unless I want to...No thanks! But I thought this was great news and I am so excited!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Well, it was a lovely weekend! We were all in the garage changing the tires on the Jeep. I was on one side mounting a tire and Devin and Corey were on the other side getting that tire ready to be changed. The Jeep slipped off of the jack and came down on my arem and squished it against the tire. We went to the ER and had x-rays done. There are three little chips on my wrist. I have a soft cast and a sling. I have a follow up appointment tomorrow and thry will do more x-rays to see what needs to be done next. It was still swelling, so they couldnt cast it yet. But on a good note, the new tires look great on the Jeep! ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pictures and stuff

Our new toy :)
It is a Willyz, but I'm not sure what year it is. All I know is that is runs and we can take it out and play, that is the important part right?! Just in time for summer fun in the dirt! ;)

A few weeks ago we took Corey to a dinosaur museum in Ogden, UT. Ever since then he asks if we can go and see dinosaurs today.
This is a triceratops head...huge next to Corey!

There is also a skyline view of Vegas.
We went to Vegas a while back. I am just now postin any pictures, sorry. We went with Devin's parents Rick and Sharon. We took Corey to the Dolphin and Lion habitat and he loved the dolphins! There was a guy on the strip one night who was cross dressing and hilarious! He had a really deep voice. Devin isn't a homophobe, but this guy actually made him pretty uncomfortable, it was pretty funny!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Devin and I thought we would get Corey some goldfish because he LOVES fish. We got five fish and the supplies (tank, food, etc). We got home with everything and got it set up at about 7:30 in the evening. The next morning I thought Corey was still in bed and I was on my way out the door for work. I heard Corey say "Hi mom. Da fish get out of da wader." That's when I started to worry. I walked over to the fish tank and discovered that the water was brown and the can of fish food is empty. Then it really started to sink in that "Da fish get out of da wader." Upon more investigation I discovered that the tank is two fish short. I found one lifeless fish on the floor and another headless fish on the counter next to the tank. We never found the fish's head, and it was a pretty clean cut. The only thing we could think of is that Corey had eaten the fish's head off and decided that he wasn't much of a sushi fan. Poor fish... and nasty! Funny kid!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Well, like the title says, I need to catch up! :) Since Christmas life has been busy but good. Health wise this year has been a lot better for the three of us. Corey thought he would try some ibuprofen pills, but thankfully he didn't eat enough to warrant having his stomach pumped. That gave us a scare though! Devin is due to finish his Master's in about six months. Halelujia! I am so proud of him. He has worked hard to get there. Corey is just plugging along. He will be four this year and I can't beleive it! His vocabulary is advancing a lot and he says the funniest things. Here is a sample: "Dad, I not you kid!" "Hi weatheart" "Goomorning mom" (that one works all day long) "I need a go potty" or "I poot" "Mom, Dovy git me" (Darby the bully yorkie) "Gees!" "Oh yeah, uh huh!" (that one goes with a little victory dance) "Oh cwap" "You funny" There is so much more, but I can't think of all of the phrases right now. But he is happy and healthy and funny as ever! I am still working and doing school. Life is crazy! And I have to say that I have the best husband ever! Devin planned a suprise trip for me to fly to Arizona to see my family next month! He set it up with my parents and made sure that I didn't know anything about it until I had to take the time off of work. He is sending me by myself because he wants me to have a break. He must know how desperately I need a break! It will be nice to see everyone. Also, Dustin (my younger brother) was in a dirtbike accident on the 4th of March. I'm sure that everyone who read this knows, but I need to document it for my own remembering. Dustin had three pins put into the second vertebrae in his neck. He is still in a neck brace just to stabilize it until everything is healed. Dustin is a miracle! The wreck in itself should have killed him. Not only that, within an hour after the surgery he was wlaking around! I love Dustin so much and I am so glad that he made it through and that he will be able to live a normal life after recovery. I love you so much Dustin and I am so excited to see you next month! I will post lots of pictures after I load them onto my computer. I hope this post will be enough to appease you all until then.