Thursday, May 12, 2011

So excited!

I am so excited...I am flying to Phoenix to visit my family! In just 14 long days! I can hardly wait, nad the more I wait the more excited I get to see everyone! Jacqueline will pick me up at the Phx airport and then we will drive to Eagar. Megan and Chance are meeting us there and I am really hoping that Heath and Kayla can make it too. Elayna just turned a year old and I still haven't met her. I tell you what, I have the most amazing husband! He completely suprised me with the ticket and coordinated everything with my family. Plus, my mom knew for a whole month before I ever even called her to tell her I was coming, and she never said anything to me about mom, I am impressed! I am so excited!!!

Also on a good note, my arm is feeling a lot better. The doctor said it was a hairline fracture and that it would heal itself. He said he could cast it if I wanted him to, but of course I said... No way! Now we are just worried about some nerve damage becasue of the pain that I still have and the place on my arm that was injured. I still have some tingling and numbness, that is a little concerning. But overall it is feeling so much better. Thanks to all of your thoughts and prayers and well wishes, they all made a huge difference! And I don't plan on changing any more tires. :)

Okay, I am done ranting and raving. I am excited to see everyone that I can when I visit, so I hope to see all of you soon!