Monday, July 6, 2009


Hello to all.
I have started my new job with BBVA Compass Bank and am really liking it. I was in Tempe for one week of training and I have been on my own teller drawer ever since I returned to the branch. I enjoy my co-workers so far. They are fun and easy to get along with. They are all older women, so there is minimal drama, which is perfect! I have a hard time dealing with everyone else's drama when I have so much of my own!
Devin has started his master's degree online through Grand Canyon University. He is only two weeks in so far. He seems to be doing good with. He should be done with the program in two and a half years. (that feels like forever!) But the good thing about it being an online program is that it is completely portable and can go wherever he does thanks to a laptop and wifi... The beauty of technology!
I still find myself having a hard time with Leavi's death. It is getting closer to my due date and it doesn't seem any easier. It has been three months tomorrow, but it sometimes still feels like yesterday. I wanted so bad to bring him home from the hospital, and we thought that we were going to be able to at first. The nurses thought that they could hear a faint heartbeat. It turned out it was just mine echoing. We are looking into adopting, but that is several years down the road. Sometimes I feel like my heart just aches for my baby. I am even more grateful for Corey than I could ever express. He is my light and I would be lost without him. I would never wish this hurt on anyone and to anyone who has gone through similar circumstances I express to you my deepest sympathy. I just keep going with the knowlege that the Lord knows what he is doing. Devin told me that in the bible the name Levi means promise. So I hold on to the promise that I will have my little Leavi again.
Thank you to all of you who have been there for me and my family. It means so much