Monday, March 19, 2012


So after searching high and low for the right deal, we decided to trade the truck in for a Nissan Altima. I love the care.
After only having it aobut two weeks I was driving to the dealership to get paperwork to get the car registered. I had the cruise set at 70. After I was almost to Rigby Iheard sirens and saw lights flying up behind me. I hoped that the cop was going for someone else...of course it was me. That is the luck I have. The officer said he clocked me going 82 in a 65. Awesome!! So I got a $150 speeding ticket. I went to court this morning to try to fight it. I waited for three hours only to have them tell me that they ran out of time and couldn't see me today. I have to call back tomorrow and find out when I can meet with the prosecutor to see if I can get out of the ticket. I am hoping that if nothing else I can take a defensive driving course, but we shall see.
Man, I love my life!