Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Heart Attack!

Last night Corey was sitting at the table eating his dinner. No big deal, he does great eating by himself. I walked into the other room for a minute. When I walked into the kitchen I really didn't pay him a whole lot of attention until I heard this little mischevious laugh. So I turned to check on him. The stinker is standing on the table and holding on to the chandelier and just spinning it in circles! I nearly had a heart atack! I told him to get off of the table and he just laughed as he climed down, he knew he had been caught. The funniest part is that Devin and I have been noticing for about a week that the lights have been crooked and so Devin would straighten them. We were trying to figure out why the lights kept tilting, but now we know!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Better late than never right?

So I had Corey's picture taken in January, but I never got any posted to the blog. So here we go, here are some of my favorites.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Knee Surgery

I will need to have another knee surgery, yipee!! It is scheduled for September 24th, a Friday. I will take at least three weeks off of work so that I can get better. I have to have a doctor's note to return to work part time and then another to return full time. I am really hoping that Devin can take some time off of work with me this time so that I have some company in my misery, they say that misery loves company right? I will need to be awake for this surgery because the doctor needs me to move my knee around so that he can be sure he gets everything out. I would prefer to be out, but at least I won't be able to feel anything (so he says!). But at least it will be feeling better by the end of the year, so that's a great thing. So now that I have given myself the pep talk, I am stoked and ready to go, bring it on!