Saturday, May 1, 2010


the counter top

the master shower

beautiful flowers from mom, dad, jac and brent, chance and megan for Leavi's first birthday

the beautiful fountain in the middle of downtown Idaho Falls, in the winter the water freezes

the view from my friend's truck with all four tires on the ground while climbing boulders, notice the jet at the top of the windshield.

a cool shot of my friend's jeep climbing rocks

this truck is awesome! also pictured above with the jet

Eric's truck, way cool! 44" tires and a 2" lift, the bottom of the door frame sits about chest level for me, huge and way fun! This thing is a tank and can climb anything!

We ripped the front license plate off when we slid into a rock. This was a fun trip up to Shelley.

Our Wrangler, way fun!! Love it!

This is our first Jeep, a '65 CJ5. We traded a guy for our 4wheeler. 2 months later we found a guy that had the Wrangler that wanted a CJ5, so we traded him Jeeps. He is still convinced that he got the better end of the deal. I guess if he's happy then there's nothing to worry about!

This is my knee after four days. This is the first time without the bandage. Can you say UGLY?!!