Tuesday, January 19, 2010

C'mon say it with me!

Heidi's a klutz!!!

So a week ago on Sunday, I was on my way out of the house and carrying Corey. I slipped on the ice and landed on my knees and caught myself with my left forearm. Corey didn't get hurt at all, thankfully!! I on the other hand was REALLY bruised. I had a lump about an inch off of my arm and some nice black and purple bruises on both legs.

Last Friday after I took Corey into the daycare I slipped on the ice as I was going back to the truck. Now I am not only a klutz, but an idiot too! When I stepped outside of the daycare, I glanced to make sure that there was no ice. I didn't see any ice, so I jogged to the truck. My very last step on the sidewalk, low and behold, there was some ice! Needless to say that my feet were off of the ground and I land very hard on my right hip and then my head bounced off of my shoulder. But it could have been much worse... At least my head didn't hit the sidewalk.

Then on Saturday morning I was walking down the stairs at my apartment, and guess who can't handle the stairs? Me!!! I slipped off of the edge of one step and slid down about five steps on my already bruised tush!

And then, yesterday we went sledding with Devin's brother. Stephen brought his snowmobile, so at the very end we tied the sled to the snowmobile and went for one last ride. He is the craziest driver ever!!! Apparently it is his goal to flip the sled and it was accomplished! I was on the sled with Lindsay, Stephen's wife. When we crashed her feet landed on my upper legs and left some nice bruises there too!

So c'mon say it with me, Heidi is a klutz!!!

But I have good news too! Our house should be done by April 15! I am really excited! We have the lot picked out and we signed the contract today. We are glad to have the stress of finding a lot over with, now we just have pick out the colors of paint, carpet, cabinets, and tile and wait for the house to be done. Yay!

Also, I will post pictures of Christmas and new pictures of Corey when I have time. I am still figuring out my new camera.

I hope you are all doing well!